SmartThings Devices with Decorative Green Plants

Let’s Decorate your House’s Floor Plan with Green Plants

This week, we’re excited to share with you that the Android has released to Production stage. For iOS users, we will continue Beta program for a while, but hopefully can come to Production soon as well. Let’s check out some highlights of latest version (v1.1).

The App Has New Icon

We have redesigned the icon to match the app’s functionality better. After updated, you will notice that the icon will look like below image. I want to share this information to avoid you wondering where the app has gone 🙂

New icon of ThingsTwin app, on the right on SmartThings app icon
New ThingsTwin SmartThings App Icon

SmartThings's Color Temperature and Light Mode Capabilities

Not much, but we added 2 remaining capabilities of lighting device type. If your light bulb has these capabilities, it should work from now on. Tips: To control color temperature, light mode (or other capabilities of devices), double tap on your device to open its control panel

New Types of Furniture

This version included some more furniture: Green plants, and Staircases. To add furniture to your house’s floor plan, tap on Add (+) button on the bottom bar, choose Furniture.

SmartThings Devices with Decorative Green Plants
SmartThings Devices with Decorative Green Plants

Camera can be Zoomed Further

If you have quite a large house, you will notice even zooming in maximum, your devices will still quite small and hard to control. So we improved a little bit to allow zooming further. This is not a big change, but hopefully be a useful one.

Tips: To zooming in your floor plan, pinch or double tap on the room.