Control Devices

Control your Smart Devices

This tutorial will show you a quick tutorial about how to control and interact with your SmartThings devices. If you have not add and setup your devices, please checkout previous post.

View Device Status

Your SmartThings devices will be shown on the main screen with corresponding UI effects to let you known their state (for example, bulbs will be darkened when Off and be brighten when On,..).  Also, rooms will brighten if there is any light inside that room is turned on, otherwise, it will be darkened.

Device and Room Status

Tap to Quickly Turn On/Off Devices

Simply tap on the device icon in the map to change its basic state, for example, turn on/off the light bulb, or open/close window shades,.. The default behavior of the device is chosen from SmartThings device category

Tap to Control Device

Double-Tap on Device for Advanced Control

To open the device’s advance control panel, double-tap on it. Depend on device’s functionality, opening its control panel will allow you to perform further control tasks, such as changing bulb’s dimmer level, or changing thermostat’s heating point. This should be similar to SmartThings’s setting panel of device.

ThingsTwin SmartThings App Advanced Control Panel

Tap and Hold to Edit Device
You should be familiar with this if you had followed the guideline about how to customize device. Tap and Hold will let you change your device to edit mode, where you can arrange it location, customize its appearance and so on,..

OK. That’s all for common tasks that you can do with your devices. If you have further questions or feedback, please let us know.