Customize SmartThings App on ThingsTwin

Arrange your Smart Devices

This tutorial will show you how to add and customize your SmartThings devices into your house’s floor plan which created in the previous tutorial.

Note: You need to authenticate the app with your SmartThings first, in order to connect and load your device list from the SmartThings cloud, also you have created a floor with some rooms on it. This tutorial will assume you have done both of that.

Open Device List View

Get start by open Device List view, you can open this view in 2 ways:

  • Tap on Add (+) icon on the main screen, choose Device (I personally prefer this way as it much quicker)
  • Tap on Menu (hamburger icon on top-left corner) > Devices

The Device List view will be shown up as below with the list devices loaded from SmartThings after you authenticated. Note that device which already added to the map will be shown in Gray color.

ThingsTwin SmartThings App Device List

Adding Devices to Map

Simply tap on the device icon in Device List view, it will be added to the map, with the default icon decided by its device category from SmartThings (eg, light bulbs will be shown as a lamp by default).

Edit & Customize Device

A device that is newly added to the map with automatically be in Edit mode. Later on, if you want to edit any device, tap and hold on to its icon. When a device is in Edit mode, you can:
[1] Change device’s icon. Eg: Change a bulb to a standing lamp
[2] Rotate the device
[3] Duplicate device.  This is helpful when you have a relay that controls multiple devices in different zones.
[4] Edit device. Some device allows further customization like always shown temperature or not,..

Move Device

Still in edit mode of your device, you will notice the device will be highlighted with horizontal and vertical line. Drag and drop your device to the location it should be mapping with your real house’s layout. 

OK. That’s all for customizing and setting up your devices. We tried to explain as detail as possible, but in fact, you can get familiar with it within minutes. Happy customizing!