Create your House’s Floor Plan

This tutorial will walk you through how to use the in-app layout tool to create a floor plan that matches your house’s real layout. The process of creating your house’s floor plan is designed to be as easy as a game, which mainly drag-and-drop style to create and customize your rooms. Ok let’s get started.

Adding Floor

Get started by adding a new Floor, by tapping on Add (+ icon) button at the bottom bar of the main screen, with the popup shown up, choose Floor. You can choose to create an empty floor, which lets you add each room from scratch, or choose from our template library (the library will be added more overtime).

Tips: Every single house is unique, so we created house templates, but in fact, the most common use case is trying to create a floor using a template to get some inspiration (and see what can be added to the house’s floor plan), then create a new empty floor, add your house’s floor plan from scratch, and finally delete the template floor..

Adding Rooms

With the floor created, let’s create a new room. Again, tapping on Add (+ icon) button at the bottom bar of the main screen, with the popup shown up, choose Room. Enter the name of the room on the shown popup (if you leave it empty, a default name will be used). You can edit your room’s name anytime later.

Add Room

Continue by selecting the room’s shape. There are multiple shapes that you choose from, select the one that matches the shape of the room that you’re creating.

Choose Room Shape

Edit & Customize Rooms

Now your room should be created and shown on the main screen. To edit and customize created room, tap and hold on that room, a popup with functional buttons will be shown as below.

[1] You can change your room’s material , there’re wooden, carpet, stone, and grass materials for you to choose from. We constantly add some new materials to each release, so let us know if you want us to add some.
[2] Tap on the rotate button to rotate your room.
[3] Edit your room, tapping on the Pen icon to open room’s edit panel, here you can change room’s name, tweaking it a little by allow showing wall or not (this is helpful when you want to create an open space like garden)

Customize Room

Resize and Move Room

Still in edit mode of your room, when you look at the room’s wall, there’s an arrow that indicates that you can:

  • Drag the walls to resize your room.
  • Drag the room to move it
Resize Room

That’s all for getting started with the in-app layout tool. We tried to explain as detail as possible, but in fact, you can get familiar with it within minutes. Happy crafting!