Beta Phase is Finished. We’re Launching to Production Stage

This week, we’re excited to share with you that the app’s beta phase is coming to end and we’re preparing for the production phase. The Android beta version is planned to stop at the end of this March (iOS version will still in beta phase for next couple of weeks). With this quick recap, below are some news and improvements included in this release:

Features are Cataloged as Basic (Free) and Pro License
In the effort to distribute the app to Production phase, we added the licensing to the app. Some features (such as real-time device sync, backup/restore, and some materials/assets) will available on Pro version only. More detail about pricing plan can be found here.
Note: If you have used/added these features/assets in previous versions, they will still available even if you’re using Free license.

SmartThings Floor Plan Screenshot

Feature to Add Furniture
This version introduces the Furniture feature, which lets you add some common furniture type to your house’s layout. Including opening door frames, beds, and sofa. To get started, tap on Add (+) button on the bottom bar. We’re constantly adding some new furniture every release. You can actively request us by joining the app’s Facebook group.
Tips: Door frames will let you create an opening between rooms, you will need to move it to the wall’s position and hit save.

ThingsTwin SmartThings Add Furniture

Device Status will Be Slower Loaded at Start
This is not a very exciting thing to share. But you’ll notice that the app will take longer than before to load all device status when opening the app. This is due to our attempt to make security more strictly. As now, your device state will not be delivered from SmartApp server anymore, the server will only serve as a trigger to the mobile app without any device state.
Note: This only makes it a little bit slower when opening the app. When the app is already running, your device state will still be sync in real-time (with Real-time Sync option enabled).

Cloning Device/Furniture
When you edit device/furniture on the map, you’ll see a new Copy button. For devices, this allows you to put a SmartThings device on the map multiple times, especially helpful when you’re using a relay to control multiple lights on different rooms.

ThingsTwin SmartThings Duplicate Device

Configuring Sensor to Always Show Status
In previous versions, the sensor will only show its status when it’s active, say water sensor detected leaking. Now you can configure it to always show status, even it’s being inactive. Still, in device edit mode, hit the Edit button (pen icon), choose always show sensor status.