Version 0.96 is Released with More Room Shapes, Languages and Icons

Hi! This is ThingsTwin’s newsletter. This week, we are excited to get you updated with latest version (v0.96), with some new features and improvements are:

Custom Room Shape (added L-shape and Z-shape Room)
Some houses have special room shape, that why we added these 2 room types (L-shape and Z-shape, instead of only Square-shape as before).

  • You will be prompted to choose the shape you want during adding a new room.
  • Rooms can also be rotated (just look on the top bar when editing room, you will find it)

Improve Contrast for Better Overview
Per-lighting looked good, but actually, it’s hard to quickly see an overview of which room is lit and which one is not. We refactored the lighting a little bit to make the lit room more contrast compared to others.

Added some More Device Icons
We add some more icons such as Wall Lamp, Chandeliers, Roller Shade, Tower Fan and TV with Table. Just a few, but we are adding more. Just let me know if you need some more.


Support more Languages
Your device and scene name which contains special characters that differs from Latin characters now can be shown in the ThingsTwin app. Make it more accessible for folks who are using their native language for naming their devices and scenes.