Merry Christmas! Version 0.92 is Released

Merry Christmas! Our early users fellows. This is the last ThingsTwin’s newsletters in 2020. This week, we are excited to share with you new version (v0.92), which mainly focus on improving in-app layout tools and 3D interface (please allow displaying image to see the demo screenshot)

In-App Layout Tools Improved
We re-engineered the in-app layout tools to make it much easier for you to craft your house’s floor plan in 3D. All are based on drag-drop styles. You can move, rotate, resize your rooms and devices directly on the main screen without navigating back and forth.


3D Interface Improved
We added more room materials (stones and wooden) to let you customize room to match your real house. Also, device’s 3D models are updated to brings more a elegant view.


  • To change the room’s material, tap and hold on to it. Tap on the material’s icon on top of the screen.
  • To customize the device’s icons, tap and hold on it. Tap on the device’s icon on top of the screen.
  • To sync your setup between devices, use Settings > Backup/Restore tool.