Version 0.9 is Released with 3D Mode and Backup/Restore

This week, we are very excited to share with you a new version (v0.9), with 2 main new features: 3D Mode and Backup/Restore. These are two of the most wanted features you requested us for a while. Really excited to hear any feedback from you about this new kind of 3D interface!

3D Mode
This version introduces 3D interface including room shape, device icon type, and lighting effects. The 2D mode is still available, you can switch between two modes by taping on the 3D button on the main screen.

Note: 3D mode is available for floor and room which created using the in-app designing tool only (if you have not created your floor plan, tap on the Add (+) button on the main screen to get started).

  • To move, rotate your device, tap and hold your device.
  • To change the device’s icon, tap and hold your device, hit Edit & Customize

Backup/Restore Feature

You can now setup your floor plan and device on a mobile phone, and use Backup to save your setup on our cloud, then Restore it to any other devices. This will help you keep all setup and setting syncing across multiple devices. To get started, go to Menu (top-left corner) > Settings > General > Backup/Restore

This is the very first version we introduce a dynamic 3D interface. Some points of UI may not very user-friendly. If you need any support or feedback, please just reply this email. We will be happy to keep in touch with you anytime.