Version 0.88 is Released with In-App House Layout Tool

Hi! It’s 2 weeks since the last release. This week we have a new version released (v0.88), I would like to share some new features introduced this week as below:

In-app Drawing Tool
Now without any other 3rd party tool. You can create a simple floor-plan layout of your house inside the ThingsTwin app directly. This feature is not intended to be a professional 3D modeling tool but focuses on helping you to easily create your house’s layout as simple as possible. To get started, click on the Add (+) button as in the bottom bar.

New Swipe Gestures
This version introduced 2 new gestures to help you quickly control your house:

  • Left/right swipe: Quickly change device filter types (Light, Shade, Switch,..)
  • Double-tap: Zoom in/out your floor plan map.
    With these 2 new gestures, you can still stay in Full-screen mode and control all you need more convenience.

Custom Binding your Buttons for STHM (Home Monitor)
New SmartThings platform not yet allow external parties to control its Home Monitor mode (Arm). But if you have configured some virtual buttons to change Arm mode, you can now bind these buttons inside the ThingsTwin app, too.