Version 0.86 is Released with Supports Scenes, Device Groups

This is weekly news about development and release status. This week we’re excited to bring you a version with some highlights as bellows:

This week’s release includes the ability to control your Scenes from the ThingsTwin app. Note: You will need to edit your Personal Access Token to include Scenes permission if you have not. After grant permission, your Scenes will be shown at the bottom bar for control.

Device Groups
We introduce a new feature that lets you grouping devices with the same category (such as lights, switches,..) into a single group on the map. This will benefit you if you have multiple similar devices on a small map. Also, this helps quick control all devices with just one touch.

To create a device group. Just simply drag and drop one device to another, just like you are grouping apps in the Android/iOS app screen.

Floor Plan’s Brightness Setting
Now, you can adjust the brightness of your floor plan. This setting could be helpful if you have a colorful or too bright image and want to make UI buttons more contrasted and easier to view and control if needed.