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a smart home app that reflects your home's structure

Make your smart home a little more family-friendly with ThingsTwin, a mobile app that reflects your home and devices on an interface that based on your own house floor plan

iOS version is under Beta phase

What it brings you?

Quick overview

With all devices and rooms arranged within a single screen. You have an overview of your house just in a glance

Family friendly

No more long scrolling to find where the devices are. It reflects your own home's layout, lets family members get what they want in no time

Fast control

Deep integrate with SmartThings App, while leveraging IoT tech on the cloud. Your device's status will be sync in real-time

samsung smartthings app with with devices and rooms shown on a house floor plan
Compatible with Samsung SmartThings. ThingsTwin app let you views and controls your devices based on your own house's floor plan

How it works?


1. Connect

Connect to your SmartThings with single login. Grant permission and all your devices will be sync to the app automatically.


2. Craft

Layout our your house, customize room's material, arrange devices and changing device's icon with our in-app drag-drop tools.


3. Ready

Control and view your devices in your "virtual" home, without hassle of long-scrolling buttons list.


Explore screenshots below to have a clearer ideas about what the app can do for you.

Seamless integration with SmartThings system through API/MQTT and secured authentication.

We’ll keep you updated about what we have developed and improved every 2 weeks